Ayara Thai’s 10th Anniversary

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 15th August 2014

This August marks the 10th anniversary of our family’s restaurant and the realization of an incredible decade with our family, friends, staff, and customers. As we look back on the past ten years, we remember all the growth and expansion (not without the occasional struggle, of course) and we sincerely could not have made it to where we are without the backing of our loving community. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us these past 10 years – everyone who has been with us from our humble beginnings plus everyone who has joined in on our fantastic culinary adventures and touched our hearts. We’re so fortunate to call everyone who’s been with us part of our big, extended, Thai family. Indeed, Thai food is best shared family-style. Here’s to passing the plate around, to nourishing both stomachs and souls, and to many more years!

- The Asapahu Family