A Delicious Deal on our Thai Peanut Sauce

Posted by Jenn Infanto on 26th March 2015

Completely natural and preservative-free, Ayara Sauces are a must in any kitchen! In particular, Ayara’s Thai Peanut Sauce is a dreamy peanut butter and salty-sweet hoisin sauce that gets an invigorating kick from aromatic garlic, zesty onion, and cane sugar. It is is a versatile, vegetarian-friendly sauce to be used as a marinade, dressing, or even spread for your sandwiches and bagels. It’s also a delicious dip for everything from fresh spring rolls to veggie sticks.

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Adhering to their dedication to sustainable dining, Ayara’s versatile dips, dressing, and marinades are 100% natural, preservative-free, and made fresh daily in their kitchen. The Ayara family hopes to make their home kitchen and true Thai flavors available in yours! Order any 4+ sauces on AyaraProducts.com, and you’ll receive free S&H. Plus, save $2.75 on the Thai Peanut Sauce now through April 15th with promo code: pnut1