Ayara Products at Artisanal LA

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 25th October 2013

On October 12-13, 2013 – we participated in Artisanal LA, a pop-up community event that showcases the best local artisanal goods, and sold our sauces. It was our first time participating in this type of event, but certainly will not be our last.

We were gratefully located on the second floor of LA Mart in Downtown LA where we were provided a 10ft X 10ft space with blank white walls. We were encouraged by Shawna, the event creator, to decorate and “wow” the event attendees. My sister, Cathy, and I came up with the idea of recreating the kitchen we grew up in, and themed it around our sauce being made “Fresh From Our Kitchen to Yours.”  As Cathy sketched out our black tape kitchen, I pulled together a vintage fridge full of alphabet magnets accompanied with a Thai alphabet poster and lugged a counter table similar to what we grew up with.

Once our kitchen was completed, we displayed our sauces featuring our newly designed labels on the counter and prepared samples of Thai beef jerky, grilled chicken, poached shrimp, and fresh baby carrots to complement all our sauces. As the opening hour approached, we grew antsy and excited to feature our sauces for the first time in an open market. And as guests made their way into the event, a crowd grew around our small booth. Samples were passed and several bottles were sold within the first hour. By the end of Saturday, we sold out of our Pad Thai, Peanut, and Chili Lime sauces. We even had some home delivery pre-orders for our sauces. The success was beyond our expectations.

When Sunday came around, we came back fully stocked and ready for another busy day. This day, we created boxed lunches to deliver to other vendors showcasing at the event. We noticed many food places ran out of food the day before and many vendors, including us, were working on an empty stomach. Our lunch delivery service proved to be a success as vendors ordered fresh shrimp spring rolls and vegetarian salad until we sold out.

As Sunday came to a close, we sold out of our BBQ, Cucumber, Pad Thai, and Peanut sauces. We closed up shop, and  at how much fun we had this weekend. Although there were times we were tired and stressed, we were so happy for taking part in this event.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to support us!