Ayara Thai Cuisine partnering with Emerson Community Garden

Posted by Jenn Infanto on 20th June 2016


Ayara Thai Cuisine has a new partnership with the Emerson Avenue Community Garden, on Emerson Street, just a ten-minute walk away. The restaurant has begun setting aside garbage including peels, egg shells, and vegetable waste, and Ayara Thai Cuisine staff members are volunteering at the garden to learn about composting and help maintain the system there. In time, as the partnership grows so too will the ability for Ayara Thai Cuisine to source cilantro, mint, lemongrass and kaffir leaves for their dishes by working with Master Gardeners affiliated with the Emerson Avenue Community Garden.


“Emerson Avenue Community Garden Club welcomes Ayara Thai Cuisine and staff as volunteers, and we look forward to an ongoing collaboration. We appreciate owner Vanda Asapahu’s commitment to the Westchester community and to the garden; she attended Orville Wright M.S., the site of our garden. A local favorite of many garden members, Ayara is appreciated for its quality food and the friendly service of this family owned business” says John Sharpe, Board President.

Vanda mentions, “I grew in Westchester, it is where my family lives and works. I’m thrilled with the opportunity to work with our local community garden in efforts to reduce carbon footprint and grow organic herbs for our dishes.”

IMG_6584 (1)

To kick-off the community partnership, Ayara Thai has created a Watermelon-Mint Thai Popsicle which will be available on the first day of summer,June 20, 2016! These complimentary Thai Popsicle will include mint from Emerson Avenue Community Garden and will be hand-poured in traditional Thai-style Popsicle maker available all day long. Guests are encouraged to donate any amount to the Emerson Avenue Community Garden.