2014 Culinary Inspiration in Los Angeles

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 16th May 2014

On Wednesday, May 21st, Ayara Thai will be participating in the California Youth Connection’s (CYC) 2014 Culinary Inspiration in Los Angeles. The CYC is a youth led organization that develops leaders who empower each other and their communities to transform the foster care system through legislative and policy change. The Culinary Inspiration is an annual fundraiser for CYC and an opportunity to celebrate its community. For the event, chefs are partnered with a current or former foster youth and must together create a dish inspired by their unique connection. The 20+ chef-youth pairs will serve their creative inspirations at the event.

Representing team Ayara is Vanda and Flo. Over the last month, Vanda has gotten to know Flo and her incredible family, older sister Marcy and younger brother Michael. Flo is awe-inspiring venturesome 9th grader who is an advocate for youth in the foster care system. She has worked and pushed for policy change, and this summer will shadow a policy maker in Sacramento.  She loves spicy food, and will always try everything once. On a recent meet-up at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market – Vanda introduced Flo to fruits and vegetables she has never seen or tasted, and challenged Flo to her first raw oyster (which she accepted without hesitations). Flo feels genuinely blessed for all her opportunities and for her family. Vanda cannot be more happy and excited to work with Flo and get to know her more.


Here’s what Vanda and Flo have in store for the 2014 Culinary Inspiration:

Flo’s Ohana Boomtastic Crab: Flo loves spicy flavorful food, and has great memories eating crab on the San Pedro Pier (much like Vanda). Her favorite movie is Lilo & Stitch as she explains, “because Lilo’s family is a lot like mine” –  and Ohana (family) is important to her. This dish celebrates Flo – a spicy green mango and crab salad. As the newest member of the Ayara family, Flo hand selected all the ingredients and assisted in preparing the dish. For a complete experience, each sample will be paired with Flo’s favorite song.

Meet this dynamic duo and taste their delicious dish by purchasing your ticket today. All proceeds from the event will benefit California Youth Connection (CYC).