10 Tips for Your 4th of July Grill

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 04th July 2014

10 Tips for this 4th of July’s Grill

Here are a few of our family’s tips for the grill for a tasty Independence Day meal that will have everyone raving and craving for more!

photo 11. Grilled Corn – Nothing says summer better than grilled corn. For quick cooking, our family prefers to quick boil the corn before putting them on the grill. Make it fun for the kids and kids at heart by adding skewers or a chopstick for easy holding. For extra fun with little ease, add a buffet of seasoning like cheese, lime juice, and chili powder, and have everyone help themselves. They will thank you!

photo 22. Moo Ping – Marinade grilled pork on a stick, yes please! We love this Shesimmer Recipe, make sure you pair it with our When Tigers Cry Sauce.

photo 33. Crab – Dungeness crab, rock crab, blue crab – our family loves them all! Clean and partially crack the crab, and throw them on a medium grill. Crab will turn golden brown when ready. Complete it with our Chili-Lime Sauce as dipping.

photo 44. Brussels Sprouts – As a kid, these sprouts had a bad rep. Now it’s the hip veggie. For easy grilling, toss them in a big bowl with olive oil and grill them on medium-high heat. Season with salt and pepper. Use our House Dressing or Peanut Sauce as a dip.

photo 55. Shrimp – Find any fresh shrimp, toss it in a bowl with our Chili-Lime Sauce and grill it on high-heat. Ready to eat when shrimp turns red and firms up.

photo 1-26. Branzino – The perfect healthy meal. Clean and mark the Branzino or whole fish of choice. Keep the head on for extra freshness. Stuff with lemongrass, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, and lemon. Sprinkle salt on both side. And wrap in banana leaves. Grill on medium heat until fish is medium firm. Serve with fresh lettuce, cilantro,basil, and our Chili-Lime Sauce.

photo 2-17. Lobster Tails – Lobsters are so easy to prepare. You can grill a whole lobster the same way you would a whole crab, or grill the tail by adding butter on each and throwing them on medium-heat. Dip them with our Chili-Lime or House Dressing.

photo 3-18. Squid – Nothing brings us back to summers in Thailand better than squids and cuttlefish grilled beachside. Clean squid/cuttlefish and place on grill. For extra ease and pretty presentation, put them on skewers. Serve with our Cucumber Sauce or Chili-Lime Sauce.

photo 4-19. Scallops – If you are fortunate to find live scallops, buy them! Clean the scallops, and preheat the grill to medium. In a small skillet on medium heat stove, prepare the curry by frying 2 tablespoon of store bought red curry paste with 1 tablespoon of table oil. When mixed, add ½ cup of coconut milk. Lower the heat and season to taste with fish sauce and sugar. Pour the curry into each scallop and place on grill. Garnish with finely sliced kaffir lime leaves and serve. This will definitely impress your guest!

photo 5-110. Clams – We developed this recipe during our last visit to the Jolly Oyster in Ventura. Mix butter with cilantro roots, minced garlic, black better, and salt. Clean calms and place on high-heat grill. When the clams open up, squeeze or spoon in a little bit of the butter-mix. When they completely open, serve. Best eaten immediately around the grill.

Hope you enjoyed our family’s fun tips for Independence Day and other summer celebrations grilling! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!