Happy Father’s Day!

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 15th June 2014

Our father was born into a large Chinese-Thai family of modest means. And worked hard his whole life to provide for himself and his family. He is the founder and mastermind of our family’s business. We understand the magnitude of all he has done and sacrificed. We admire and respect his ambition, craftiness, and resilience to all he has faced and overcome.  And although he can never say it, we know he loves us and proud of who we have become.

This Father’s Day - as we celebrate, we remember our favorite memories with our dad:

  • - I remember in 2nd grade, I had a project to make a dinosaur from clay.  I spent a couple of hours making my stegosaurus and having it fall apart.  Finally, I made one I thought was good and put it in the oven to bake and harden; but it came out brittle and fell apart.  Dad came home from work and saw me staring at my sad crumbly stegosaurus and immediately helped me make a new one.  He added in ceramic eyes made from needle handles and shaped out individual plates for the back.  The stegosaurus came out great and after I went to sleep, he put on primer and painted it for me so that it would look better.  This is one of my best memories of dad. – Peter
  • - I remember our trip to Japan and dad’s interest in Japanese cuisine. Even though Japanese and Thai food share similar Asian ingredients and both stress quality ingredients, they are very different. Our dad could write a book on why Thai food is the best food in the world. He believes in traditional Thai cooking which combines many flavors. When he cooks, he always makes sure the flavors are bold. When he eats, he makes sure to add extra chilies and fish sauce. Japanese cuisine was a new experience for him, as Japanese food emphasizes subtle, natural flavors. It was an amazing experience to see our dad try new foods and appreciate Japanese cuisine. During the trip, he always looked forward to our next meal – scoping out places as we walked through the cities. Though he’s often unwilling to dive into new cuisine, he took away some new ideas about food after our trip. Nonetheless, when we have Japanese food in LA, I think he still wishes he had some fish sauce on the side. – Cathy

Bring your dad in this weekend to celebrate at Ayara Thai Cuisine – we’d love to celebrate your dad, with you! :) Happy Father’s Day.

We love you, dad!

Vanda, Peter and Cathy