Happy Mother’s Day!

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 11th May 2014

To all mom’s – Happy Mother’s Day! What are your favorite qualities about your mom? How are you celebrating her this weekend?

Our mom is the most hardworking and selfless person. She dedicated her whole life to us, her children. When we were young, she passed up some really amazing opportunities and worked from home so she could be with us. We never understood it then, but are so thankful now for her, the memories, and the delicious after school snacks she famously prepared. Today, even though we have all grown up, she still inspires us to work hard and take pride in what we do. Through sharing Thai food and culture with us, she has taught us to enjoy variety - not only in new flavors, but in new experiences as well. We are so grateful for this life she has made possible for us.

We love you, Mom!

- Vanda, Peter and Cathy