Happy Spring! Seasonal Cooking Tips

Posted by vivian on 20th March 2013

Happy Spring! Today marks the first day of Spring and while the weather in California is pretty consistent all year round (lucky for us), we love the changing of the seasons for the longer days and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal foods have the best flavor and we incorporate them into our menu through our Weekend Specials, so stay posted for our updates!

If you are cooking Thai meals at home and want to incorporate spring vegetables such as asparagus, snap peas, red scallions, green garlic, green onions, among others into your cooking, we have a few recommendations:

- Add additional spring vegetables to boost the nutrient content in your Classic Pad Thai

- For a modern twist to our traditional Thai dish, cook a Noodle-Less Veggie Pad Thai and add all of your favorites vegetables to replace the rice noodles

- Make Fresh Spring Rolls

- Add your choice of spring vegetables to a Not So Thai, Thai Salad

Some seasonal fruits that are most flavorful and sweetest in Spring are strawberries, cherries, and apricots. Seasonal fruits and vegetables vary in regions depending on weather and climate, so check your local market and farmer’s market for the best produce. For example, in Thailand, Spring is our favorite season for fruits as it’s the season for mangoes, followed by lychees and durians. More on that next week! :)

- Vanda