My Story, My Ad Contest

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 29th July 2014

After a successful Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, we entered in the Specialty Food Association’s “My Story, My Ad” Contest. This two-week long contest had us competing with 140 specialty food contestants all over the United States. With the support of all our fans voting for us everyday, we made it as a FINALIST!

One winner will be announced on Monday, August 4th. The panel’s choice winner will be awarded with an advertising campaign valued at $15,000. This advertising campaign includes concept, design, copywriting, professional photo shoot, artwork production and ad placement in all Specialty Food Media products.

Did you miss our story? Check it out here:

“One of my life’s greatest joys is bringing people together through food. I grew up in a family where cooking is a craft of love and food is always celebrated. At home, cooking was (and still is) a family activity, and everyone contributes. We would spend tireless hours preparing feasts that I considered labors of love, and a special quality time that could never be replaced. It was with this love and passion for food that we opened our family restaurant, Ayara Thai Cuisine, in August 2004. As our restaurant grew, visitors came to love not only the food we prepared, but also the sauces served with them, whether they were used as dressings, dips or marinades. Loyal customers purchased to-go containers of our sauces for their get-togethers. They always returned with amazing stories of how they creatively used our sauces to impress their friends and share in the joy of cooking. These heartfelt and humbling experiences compelled me to bottle our sauces for everyone who share in my family’s passion for food and bringing people together.” – Vanda