Massaman Oxtail Curry & Papaya Salad Unveiled During the 2017 Travel & Adventure Show

Posted by Jenn Infanto on 23rd February 2017

We were honored to attend the 2017 Travel and Adventure Show at the LA Convention Center this past weekend. Our friends and long time supporters at the Tourism Authority of Thailand Los Angeles (TAT-LA) welcomed us with open arms as we took the stage and showcased our favorite recipes during a crowd pleasing cooking demo.

To demonstrate true, traditional Thai dishes, TAT-LA invited us  to takeover the Taste of Travel Stage, where we were able to showcase a live demonstration of some of our most popular and well-known dishes from Thailand. Undoubtedly, we knew we wanted to make our Massaman Oxtail Curry and Los Angeleno Papaya Salad.

Now you can recreate our signature dishes at your next dinner party. Below you’ll find the recipes to our Massaman Oxtail Curry and our favorite Papaya Salad.


Massaman Oxtail Curry


  • 2lbs of oxtail
  • 1 13.5-ounce can of coconut milk (we prefer Chaokoh)
  • 1lb of baby Dutch potatoes
  • 5oz of pearl onions
  • 5oz of Massaman curry paste
  • 3tbsp of tamarind juice
  • fish sauce, to taste
  • palm sugar, to taste
  • roasted peanuts, to taste and optional


1. Scoop out the top creamy part of the coconut milk. We’re going to call this part the coconut cream.

2. Sear the oxtail on medium heat. When all sides are brown, remove.

3. In the same pot, add the curry paste on medium-high heat, let it sizzle for 10-20 seconds, and then add the coconut cream.

4. When it begins to bubble, add the oxtail back into the pot and stir to coat the oxtail. Add the rest of the coconut milk and add water to cover the oxtail.

5. Turn up the heat until everything comes to a boil. Then lower the heat to allow it to simmer for at least 3-hours. For fall-of-the-bone oxtail, let it simmer in a slow cooker or overnight.

6. 30-minutes before you want to serve the curry, add potatoes and pearl onions.

7. 10-minutes before serving, season with tamarind juice, palm sugar and fish sauce. Adjust to taste.

8. Add peanuts before serving with jasmine rice.



Papaya Salad


  • 6oz green papaya, shredded
  • 2oz carrots, shredded
  • 1oz long beans, cut into one-inch sticks
  • 6 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • Thai chilies, to taste (normally, 2 for medium spicy and 3+ for spicy)
  • 1-2 Limes, to taste
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2tbsp palm sugar
  • 2tbsp fish sauce
  • crushed roasted peanuts
  • dried shrimp


1. In a wooden mortar add thai chilies, garlic, palm sugar, mushed and bruised until sugar is dissolved.

2. Cut one-half of a lime into wedges and add to mortar. Smash and bruise it. Add long bean, tomatoes, carrots and papaya one at a time. bruising each one.

3. Squeeze in remaining lime juice and fish sauce, to taste.

4. Plate and sprinkle crushed peanuts and dried shrimp.

Try out these recipes on your own and tag @ayarathai on Instagram as we’d love to see your your creations! Thanks again to the LA Travel & Adventure Show and Tourism Authority of Thailand Los Angeles for having us at this years’ event. We hope to see you again next year!