Taking Tea (And Coffee) to a Thai Level

Posted by Jenn Infanto on 01st March 2018

While dining at Ayara, you don’t want to miss out on the tastes of Thai cuisine when it comes to ordering drinks with your meal. To have a truly authentic experience, try Thai Iced Tea (yes, that orange-ish drink that you’ve seen pass you by at the restaurant), or even try the same Thai Iced Coffee if you’re feeling really adventurous.

But wait, what is it exactly? I mean, why is it orange?

Simply put, by our chef, Vanda Asapahu, Thai Iced Tea is a black tea spiced with anise, orange blossom water, crushed tamarind seeds and cassia bark.

If tea isn’t your go-to caffeinated beverage, no fear, because Thai Iced Coffee is here. The coffee is made by infusing ground coffee with the spice, cardamom, and adding ingredients similar to the tea – condensed milk/heavy cream and sugar.

The tea began as a popular Thai street food staple, and made its way to Western culture and stands on the menu at Ayara, waiting for your order. A list of ingredients simply isn’t enough, so you’ll have to come in and try it in order to truly understand Thai Iced Tea.