Ayara Thai at Thai Food Festival

Posted by Nitar Lohaphaisan on 03rd October 2013

On Sunday, September 29th, we had the honor of serving Miang Kham at the first Thai Food Festival hosted by Thai Trade and Chef Jet Tila and held at the Paramount Studio in Los Angeles.

Miang Kham is a savory mini-wrap snack eaten with your hand. It that literally means, “eating many things in one bite”.  We believe that because it is time consuming to make, its availability and popularity has dropped over the years. Making it very hard-to-find in Thailand. And rarely served in Thai restaurant overseas.

On a fresh betel leave – our Miang Kham combines savory crab meat and poached prawns, with fragrant and spicy garnishes of thinly sliced kaffir lime leaves, shallots, ginger, lemongrass, and Thai chills. It is topped with a peanuts and a few pieces of cold grapefruit, segmented by liquid nitrogen. And dressed with a complex palm syrup. A perfect Miang Kham embodies multitudes of textures and flavors – in particular, bitter, salty, sour, sweet, spicy, and umami!

This dish is our modern take on the traditional recipe. We used new slicing techniques; introduced ingredients like kaffir lime leave and lemongrass that are not typically found on a traditional Miang Kham; and drew inspiration of molecular gastronomy from the Modernist Cuisine. 

Alongside our Miang Kham dish, we also provide samples of our seven Ayara Thai Sauces. As a “Thank You” to all our guests who stopped by, we raffled off three gift boxes that included all seven of our sauces and a $50 gift card to our restaurant. Congrats to our winners!

We’re so happy to have participated in this historic event, meet many chefs we admire, reunite with fellow mom-and-pop Thai restaurant owners, and share our love of Thai food with all our guest. We like to thank you for support our Thai-Los Angeles community. We hope you enjoyed the culinary and cultural experience.


*photo credit: laist.com