Vintage Hollywood Foundation

Posted by vivian on 20th June 2013

Earlier this month, we had the honor to participate in Vintage Hollywood Foundation’s “Dinner with the Vintners.” This intimate event of was held on June 7th at the Beverly Hill’s home of Judith and Michael Hayworth. It was a gathering of top donors, winemakers, and LA restaurants, before the big fundraising event the following night at the home of David Arquette. That night, we were able to cook and serve some of our favorite Thai dishes.

Below are photos of the dishes we served at the event. They included:

1. Chicken Sate – served with both sweet and sour Cucumber Sauce and curry Peanut Sate Sauce, and a fun “warm-me-up” grill

2. Spicy Thai Seafood Ceviche – scallops, shrimp, crab meat, and avocado mixed in our spicy Seafood Sauce, served on crispy wonton skins and topped with cilantro and fish roe

3. Beef Khao Soi – a northern Thai curry noodle of braised beef, garnished with pickled mustard greens, scallions, shallots, fried noodles, and lime. Our mom’s amazing recipe.

All proceeds from the event benefitted OPCC Santa Monica and their mission of “empowering people to rebuild their lives”.

Thank you, Vintage Hollywood Foundation, for having us join you!

- Vanda