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Tiger’s Cry

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Roasted chili, sweet and sour tamarind, red onions, garlic, dried fish flakes, savory fish sauce, salt, and cane sugar. You’ve loved it in our When Tiger’s Cry, Pork Sensation and Thai Beef Jerky, but you can try it on any beef, pork, or lamb dish you choose. Excellent as a dip or marinade, and a perfect complement to any BBQ.

Inspired by her northern Thai roots, Chef Anna developed this recipe by slow-roasting chili, onions, and garlic for hours. When we made this at home, people could smell its delicious aromas at the end of the block. (No wonder the neighbors love us!) The sauce has become an international hit, too, with many Thai Airways crewmembers taking it back to Thailand with them.

USE : Great for BBQ’s and everything else – it’s that good.

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