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Ayara Thai

Ayara THAI Breaker – 18th Anniversary Celebration!

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For two nights, friends and family can come together for an outdoor immersive dining experience with the Asapahu family in celebration of our restaurant's milestone 18th anniversary! 

The issue of "too many cooks in the kitchen" is a real problem in our household. These meals will allow diners to experience a battle of the chefs as we integrate methods and ingredients into family-style dishes, going head to head in our outdoor kitchen!


Chef Anna (Mom) + Chef Andy (Dad) = Old School
Chef Vanda + Chef Cathy (Daughters) = New Skool


We'll be game-ifying the experience by having you, our guests, rate each dish, declaring a winner at the end of the two nights! Join us for a meal to remember as we celebrate the past 18 years.

Sponsored by premium Thaan Charcoal and perfectly spicy Ghost Tequila

>> Each purchase reserves 4 seats including tax and gratuity. Includes 2 dishes from Team Parents, 2 dishes from Team Kids, 1 dish from Team Ayara, and dessert. Everything will be served family-style with Thai Hom Mali rice. <<


*Please note, we may not be able to accommodate all dietary restrictions. Please email with any questions.