Flavorful, Delicious, + Versatile

Discover our preservative-free Thai sauces, made with the freshest local ingredients using our generations-old family recipes.

  • Our Story

    For years, our friends have been requesting our sauces, making them an important staple at barbeques, picnics and holiday dinners. Learn more about how our sauces came to be with a quick history lesson.

  • Made Fresh in Our Restaurant Kitchen

    Our Thai sauces are made fresh in the kitchen of our family-owned restaurant Ayara Thai (Est. 2004) using locally sourced ingredients. Hand-crafted using recipes passed down through generations, our preservative-free sauces offer a truly authentic taste experience!

  • Be Inspired With Our Recipes

    Grab your measuring spoons, mixing bowls, and frying pans. It's time to get creative and bring restaurant-quality Thai food to your kitchen.

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